St Kilda

Professional Commercial Painters & House Painters in St Kilda

Does your St Kilda property need a fresh coat of paint or any maintenance work? The team at Melbourne Painters Solution are residential and commercial painters in the St Kilda area who are available to provide clients with first-rate maintenance and interior and exterior painting services.

Our experienced commercial and house painters in St Kilda are able to restore your existing paintwork or even completely makeover your property with brand new paintwork.

Interior Painting in St Kilda

If you want to makeover the interior of your home or business with a fresh coat of paint that conveys the type of atmosphere you want your property to project, Melbourne Painters Solution can provide the professional assistance you require. We’re also available to sand and prepare surfaces, repair plaster and apply masking tape if required. Our team of residential and commercial painters in St Kilda provide an affordable yet professional result that’s sure to wow your guests.

Exterior Painting for St Kilda Properties

Whether your existing external paintwork needs to be restored, you want a completely new colour scheme, or your outdoor decking needs maintenance work, Melbourne Painters Solution can help you with all this and more. Our expert business and house painters in St Kilda can provide the following exterior painting services:

  • Sanding of surfaces
  • Restoration of outdoor decking
  • Plaster repairs and restoration
  • Painting of weatherboards, doors, walls, windows and ceilings
  • Priming all bare timbers
  • And more

Render Painting Repair

If the render walls of your property are starting to look weathered and faded, our skilled exterior painting experts are available to provide a thorough render painting repair service to restore them to their original condition.

As part of our rendering work, our team members will pressure clean the surface to remove as much dirt as possible. After this, we’ll coat your render walls with top-quality paints that will protect them from dirt going forward. The exceptional-looking finish will help to reduce the amount of rendering maintenance work required in the future.

Get in Touch with Our Painters in St Kilda Today

If your St Kilda property needs any interior or exterior painting work, there’s no better choice than Melbourne Painters Solution. Call us today on 0423 844 442 to speak to our business and house painters in St Kilda and request a quote.