Do you want to transform the exterior of your property with a fresh coat of paint?


Looking to transform the interiors of your home with a fresh coat of paint?

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Is your house in need of repairs before painting commences?

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Leading house painters Hartwell are aware of the huge improvement in interior design that comes from giving your home a new coat of paint. By using premium paint colours to paint the home, expert painters Hartwell greatly improve the quality of the indoor air. The walls of the home often have stains that cannot be readily cleaned with a new coat of paint. To maintain the home in excellent shape, not only the interior surfaces but also the outside surfaces need to be painted. With high-quality exterior paint, the house’s structural integrity is protected in all weather conditions.

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Interior Painters in Hartwell

The inside of the home must constantly be in excellent condition to give off a feeling of newness. Beautiful interiors are believed to improve people’s moods while they are inside the home. Since individuals want to personalise their homes, premier interior painters in Hartwell provide free colour consultations along with our painting services. It aids you in selecting the ideal colour for your house that complements your way of life. Additionally, one could be concerned about the price of painting the interiors, but we can tell you that this is likely the least costly home improvement project you can do. One of the major benefits of painting is that the indoor air quality is significantly increased since older paint’s flake dust does not get inhaled.

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Exterior Painters in Hartwell

We have been painting homes for more than ten years, and based on our knowledge, we can guarantee that painting the outside of the home will greatly increase its worth. You may feel safe using us since we are licensed exterior painters in Hartwell and have public liability insurance. You may trust that no matter the height of the building, we can paint it since we also have the necessary training for working at heights. When painting the home, we make sure that all necessary preparations are made. Additionally, there are a lot of measures that must be taken before painting the exteriors, thus sanding the surface is vital. It is often necessary to remove the previous paint since it has flakes in it.

Roof Painters in Hartwell

To keep the interiors cooler, the roof of the home must also be painted appropriately in addition to the interiors and exteriors. As roof painters in Hartwell, we can inform you of the various advantages of painting a home’s roof. Since the paint sustains the damage, the roof material is also shielded from the different weather factors. After a few years, the weatherboard must also be thoroughly coated since it fades from exposure to the different weather factors. The deck area of the home must be kept in immaculate condition because if the wood rots, no one will be able to enjoy the outdoors.

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Whether you need to paint an independent house, apartment, duplex, or any other residential structure, our house painters in Hartwell have the skills and competence to deliver exceptional results. Our paint consultations allow homeowners to choose their desired colour combination depending on their preferences. Melbourne Painters Solution has been serving the industry for more than a decade, and thus we know how to achieve the best results with the minimum investment. We specialise in both interior and exterior painting, providing clean, crisp, and attractive results every time. Connect with our experts to give your home a completely new charm.


Covering a large commercial aspect at Melbourne Painters Solution we can handle any commercial project whether it’s a fresh construction or pre-existing. From shopping centres to malls and schools to hospitals or universities, we have experience of painting various distinct projects. We understand how important can be the colour selection for a business as it reflects their brand identity in the market. Our expert commercial painters Hartwell ensure clients receive the precise shade they desire, creating a symbol of their brand. With our meticulous approach, we deliver an exceptionally professional, edge-to-edge finish for your building.


Our painters in Hartwell never mind the size or complexity of the structure. When it comes to painting industrial projects, we cover everything from small businesses to large manufacturing units. Our dedicated team ensures that even the most challenging projects are handled with expertise and efficiency. We take care of every aspect of the painting process, including cleaning and repairing the roof before applying the paint. Our goal is to paint every wall and corner of your structure while causing minimal disruption to your daily activities. We follow the principle of "painting and cleaning every day" to maintain progress and reduce clutter throughout the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

When painting any interior or exterior surface, our painters in Melbourne take steps to first clean and prepare the surface by removing old flaking paint and conducting any necessary repairs. We then prime the surface if required before applying coats of paint, making sure to leave adequate time for each coat to dry.

This will depend on the specific job being undertaken. The average sized home can be entirely painted in 2 to 3 days, but the time taken can vary depending on the scope of the job, the size of the house and whether interior painting, exterior painting or both are required.

Colour selection is often influenced by the style and décor of your home, as well as your own personal preferences. Melbourne Painters Solution offers a free colour consultation to provide you with different options and help you select the colours that are right for your home.

Yes, our painters in Melbourne provide a warranty for all completed work. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy! In case of any problems with a job, simply get in touch with our team and we’ll take steps to promptly rectify the issue.

Melbourne Painters Solution can assist with a wide range of painting services for your interiors and exteriors. For interior painting, we can prepare surfaces, carry out plaster repairs, and paint ceilings, walls, windows and doors. For exterior painting, we offer exterior preparation, deck revival and coating, and painting of weatherboards, render, roofing and more.

Yes, it certainly is! Our exterior painters in Melbourne are experienced in providing roof painting services for a range of roof types, including tiled roofs and Colorbond roofs.

Yes, the Melbourne Painters Solution team offers reliable roof repair and painting services for tiled roofs.

With 7 day availability, we pride ourselves on providing prompt services. We’ll aim to get your job underway at the earliest opportunity according to your desired timeframe.

We use premium paint brands in order to achieve the best results for all work we carry out. Some of our favourite brands to use include Dulux, Sikkens and Cabot’s due to the high-quality and durable finishes they provide.